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The goal of the massage therapists, holistic specialists, and support staff at Miracle Wands Wellness Center is to provide high-quality, alternative medicine and miracle wand treatment to men and women living in and around Huntington Beach, California.

Occupational and massage therapist, Lyndy Ngu, leads the team at Miracle Wands Wellness Center and spent nearly a decade researching and developing miracle wands as a unique, effective, and innovative approach to health, beauty, and wellness.

Growing up in Vietnam, Lyndy learned about the benefits of natural remedies and holistic healing. With virtually no access to medication or traditional doctors, Lyndy and her family learned to promote healing through the Earth’s natural elements.

Lyndy and the team at Miracle Wands Wellness Center bring this extensive knowledge in integrative, alternative, and holistic medicine to men and women living in the Orange County area.

Using this cutting-edge, innovative treatment based on thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine, patients can access relief from common health problems including knee pain, asthma, migraine headaches, and tinnitus.

The team considers every new patient a member of the family and tailors a unique treatment plan based on their health history, goals for treatment, and unique health needs.

To access the benefits of miracle wand treatment, partner with the team at Miracle Wands Wellness Center. Request your appointment today by calling or using the online booking tool.


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Words from our patients

  • 5 star

    “I have used Miracle Wands daily in the shower as an acupressure point activator. I find that I am total refreshed 5 minutes after the shower that is just joy"

    Libby E.
  • 5 star

    "I have had painful cataracts in the eyes and everything around the eye was swollen. The Wands assisted the swelling to be diminished with no medication"

    David D.
  • 5 star

    “I am 75 years old and my doctor told me to use these wands in my calf muscle to relax my tight muscles. It really does work!”

    Nemo A.
  • 5 star

    "I have had puffy & itchy eyes as a result of allergies and the wands have calmed the reactions down and cleared my sinuses. I am amazed how this works so quickly!"

    Bonnie H.
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