Why High Blood Pressure is Bad for Your Health and How Miracle Wand Can Help

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is called a “silent killer” because it has no outward symptoms but internally does damage to your organs. Unless you get your blood pressure checked regularly, you may not even know you have it. It can persist for years before you notice any symptoms.

When uncontrolled, high blood pressure can diminish your quality of life and greatly raise your risk of stroke or heart attack. Miracle Wands, however, provides a natural way to treat high blood pressure and lower your levels. For patients in Huntington Beach, California, it’s the perfect complementary therapy for lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and more physical activity.

Effects of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is diagnosed when the force of the blood pumping through your veins is greater than normal. As a result, the arteries through which blood flows throughout your body can become damaged and narrowed. You may end up with blockages that slow or halt blood flow.

Narrowed or blocked arteries can bulge and form an aneurysm. If an aneurysm ruptures, you may experience life-threatening internal bleeding. Plus, reduced blood flow affects the function of your heart and brain. You may develop coronary disease or heart failure. In extreme cases, blockages can lead to fatal heart attacks or strokes. Compromised blood flow to the brain may also cause you to experience dementia, cognitive impairment, and heart failure due to uncontrolled hypertension.

Your kidneys filter waste and excess fluid from your body. If your blood vessels are damaged, it means your kidneys can’t do the job as well and can lead to kidney scarring or even kidney failure.

Hypertension also damages your eyes, particularly the delicate blood vessels leading to them. You can end up with nerve damage and retinopathy, damage to the light-sensitive receiving areas of the eye, as a result. Permanent vision impairment and even blindness is possible.

Erectile dysfunction can be traced back to high blood pressure. Your ability to achieve and hold onto an erection depends on the ability of blood to engorge the blood vessels in the penis. Compromised blood flow means compromised sexual function.

How Miracle Wands help

The thermotherapy provided through Miracle Wand treatment enhances circulation and assists your cells in rejuvenating. When Miracle Wands are pressed into key pressure points, inflammation recedes and stress releases. This can help ease up your arteries so blood flows more freely. Light massage may also be part of your treatment protocol as it promotes energy balance and overall healing.

Achieving healthier blood pressure levels requires lifestyle changes in addition to Miracle Wand therapy. A healthy diet, more physical activity, and Miracle Wand treatments combine to create an improved state of being.

To take advantage of the remarkable Miracle Wand therapy, call Miracle Wands or schedule a consultation online. The natural energy therapy helps create a state of being that can resolve a host of conditions, including pain and asthma, as well as high blood pressure. Call or book your appointment online today

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