How Miracle Wands May Help Your Back Pain

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If you suffer from chronic back pain, you might feel frustrated with your current options for pain relief. It often feels like you’ve tried everything to no avail. But don’t end your search for pain relief just yet—occupational and massage therapist Lyndy Ngu of Miracle Wands Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, California, wants you to know about one new, holistic treatment: Miracle Wands. 

What is Miracle Wand?

Miracle Wands are smooth, cylindrical Australian quartz gemstones with a special ability to hold and transfer heat. These healing devices offer an alternative treatment method for people suffering from chronic pain. 

Lyndy spent nearly 10 years researching and developing Miracle Wands; her inspiration stemmed from her holistic lifestyle in Vietnam. Without access to physicians and other specialists like we have in the U.S, Lyndy and her family learned how to heal using just the materials Earth provided. Thus, Miracle Wands were born. 

What kinds of therapy can Miracle Wands provide?

Miracle Wands utilize two well-known types of therapy with years of research backing their efficacy: heat and pressure. 

Heat therapy: Miracle Wands hold and transfer heat to your body, which helps to relieve muscle pain and joint pain, quiet muscle cramps and spasms, and work out trigger points (muscle knots). Heat therapy can also induce an overall feeling of relaxation, which may help alleviate pain. 

Pressure and heat: Pressure is a traditional type of pain-relief therapy used in massage, foam rolling, compression therapy, and more. Miracle Wands can combine heat and pressure to encourage blood flow, which delivers essential nutrients to your muscles, bones, and joints. Additionally, pressure therapy from Miracle Wands may help clear toxins like excess CO2 and lactic acid from your blood. 

Miracle wands for back pain: How do they work?

If you suffer from a sore or painful back, you’ve probably tried all sorts of DIY remedies before: heating pads, foam rolling, stretching, compression garments, etc. You’ve probably also tried a massage or other professional bodywork, such as acupuncture or cupping. 

Though all of these therapies utilize different methods of pain relief, the underlying premise remains the same—just like Miracle Wands, these different pain-relief techniques ultimately focus on improving blood circulation and working out toxins like lactic acid. 

Heat therapy is known to reduce muscle soreness, relieve lower back pain, and improve strength and flexibility in people with chronic back pain. And of course, we all know that massage therapy (i.e., pressure), is great at relieving pain and soreness all over the body.

A Miracle Wand treatment simply utilizes heat therapy—along with pressure therapy if you elect it—to reduce back pain. 

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