Don't Let Knee Pain Prevent You from Living an Active Life - We Can Help

Knee pain interferes with your ability to enjoy life and do everyday tasks. Whether your pain resulted from trauma, normal wear-and-tear, or a sports injury, miracle wands can help.

Miracle wands are a non-pharmaceutical treatment that are safe and well-tolerated. You avoid injections, surgery, downtime, and side effects. At Miracle Wands Wellness Center, we help your knee simply feel better. If you have knee pain that persists for more than a day or two, call our office, or schedule a consultation online to learn how this simple treatment can effectively restore function and help you feel better almost right away.

Miracle wands for knee pain

Miracle wands are an outgrowth of ancient Chinese medical practices in which stones were used in conjunction with Mugwort, an herb, to produce heat and treat disease and dysfunction. Miracle wands originate from stones mined in Queensland, Australia – one of the most abundant resource regions of the world.

The wands are about the size of a tube of lipstick. They’re heated slightly before treatment for maximum benefit. The heated wands dissolve and push out calcium deposits that build up throughout the body. These deposits contribute to inflammation and the resulting discomfort, stiffness, and pain in your knees.

The miracle wands use thermotherapy and Lyndy Ngu, owner/operator at Miracle Wands Wellness Center uses them to manipulate pressure points on the body to enhance circulation and treat diseased joints. The wands have crystals that encourage cell regeneration and ease inflammation. Your natural healing processes kick in to resolve your knee pain.

The types of knee pain treated

If you have knee pain presenting with swelling and stiffness or redness and irritation, miracle wands treatment can help. If your knee is making popping or cracking noises or feels warm to the touch, consult with Lyndy to determine if she can help.

Knee pain associated with osteoarthritis or an infection is responsive to miracle wand treatment. A serious injury, such as torn connective tissue, may need additional interventions to heal.

What to expect during miracle wands treatment

During a session, you relax in a special exam chair on a table as Lyndy applies the miracle wands to pressure points in conjunction with specialized massage techniques. Each customer has a personal set of miracle wands, and the office of Miracle Wands Wellness Center keeps them on-site for any time you come in for treatment. You may also opt to purchase them for home use, too.

You may have discomfort during the treatment much like that experienced during a deep massage, but most patients tolerate the treatment quite well. Miracle wands treatment is also noninvasive, so you avoid the long recovery associated with other treatments, especially surgery.

Though you may feel a big improvement after just one treatment, you’ll get maximum effect with five treatments. Each of these treatments is spaced two to three weeks apart.

Don’t just suffer with pain and inflammation in your knees. Seek out the therapeutic support offered at Miracle Wands Wellness Center. You’ll restore function and alleviate compromised range of motion with simple, effective miracle wand pressure point and massage therapy. Call the office, or schedule an appointment online. 

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